Denali offers the highest level of software development, mentoring, consulting, and project rescue services to our clients. At our core, we are software development practitioners, teachers and leaders. Our extensive experience enables us to provide the following range of key services:

Application Development

Denali specializes in Microsoft development technologies and in coordinating high performance teams. Our clients come to us because we have the technical capability and collaboration know-how to complete projects successfully. Custom development once meant building applications from scratch. Today, we leverage off-the-shelf components and frameworks to rapidly build and deploy appropriate solutions. Microsoft .NET provides the infrastructure platform to build and deploy highly successful, secure, scalable applications.

As powerful as these advanced technologies are, they are still only part of the equation. Success on application development is about delivering high-value working software as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to use the best possible people.

Denali's consultants have consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver on complex custom development projects of all sizes. Our focus on achieving our customer's business goals has enabled us to master the critical skills and to build the deep experience it takes to succeed.

We utilize agile methods to deliver maximum business value. Our focus is always on the highest value activities. Using proven methods like short release cycles, test-first coding, continuous integration and efficient daily meetings we deliver high-quality solutions on time and on budget.

Training, Mentoring and Coaching

Denali partners are leading experts in both software development methodology and Microsoft technologies. Not only are we frequent speakers at software development and technology conferences, we are practitioners who "walk the walk".

Our seminars and presentations focus on high-leverage software development activities and specific technologies:

Denali can provide a specific course, or we can help design an integrated program of seminars that addresses your company and staff needs. Either way, we deliver training that is relevant, timely, and cost effective.

Consulting Services

Denali provides a variety of consulting services, all dedicated to helping our clients address their business challenges. Our clients use Denali because we have the technical capability, focus on delivery, and collaboration know-how to help them succeed. Put our experienced people to work on your software project, and recognize the return on your investment in product quality, reliability, and speed.

Project Rescue

Most projects fail or are canceled because of ill-defined or changing requirements, inadequate project planning, poor operational and/or project management, uncontrolled quality, unrealistic expectations, inaccurate estimates, or naive adoption of new technology. But perhaps the biggest reason projects fail is poor leadership.

Denali can help you take corrective actions that will get your project back on track. We will pinpoint the major issues that are responsible for your project's trouble and provide expert, unbiased advice, support and leadership based on years of experience redirecting troubled projects toward success.

We always begin by assessing the situation and clearly identifying the business goals for the project. We examine and document the strengths and weaknesses of the process and the team members. We are able to quickly identify the key issues that block project success. We then create a recovery plan that provides a detailed roadmap to get your project back on track.

There are two fundamental ways we provide project rescue services: Full Intervention, and Mentoring/Coaching. As software and leadership experts, we are always prepared not only to coach and mentor, but to "roll up our sleeves" and get the job done.

In a mentoring/coaching role, we work with your team to improve their capabilities. Initially, we work full-time with your managers and team-members to help them clearly see the problems and to identify concrete steps for resolving them та“ plus, we help you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. We are available to step in as needed at any phase of your project.

In a Full Intervention, our experts can be deployed in a variety of roles to more directly meet your business goals. Typically, we take over the project management and leadership function, driving the project to success. The goal is usually to get the project quickly back "on track" and then to mentor/coach the team toward self-sufficiency. In other cases, the goal is simply to meet the business goals as rapidly as possible and exit when the project is complete.

In either the full intervention or mentoring/coaching mode, we draw on our extensive network to supply critical design, coding and testing skills. Our focus is always on your success.